Anubias Nana Petite on Cholla Wood

    Female Tangerine Tiger in PRL moss tank for breeding project

    Root Tabs!! Great for those heavy root feeders

    Our Name Is Changing!!

    It Just Wasn't Us.

    After a bit of debating, thinking back and forth, we have come to a conclusion. The name had to change. 

    We don't want to be seen as just a fish store. We're MORE than that. We have some badass shrimp, colorful fish, amazing aquatic plants, and carry top of the line foods for your aquatic creatures...tailored to their specific diets. We're not just fish.

    I made the decision to focus on only carrying fish that I breed, with a few exceptions. Once my stock runs out, the only fish that will be getting restocked are fish bred by me, in my aquariums. Exceptions to this would be high quality fish that I know come from healthy stock...not the same that your local fish stores carry. So with that decision, came the reality that people are going to be finding my store, called "Little Fish Store" and think I will have this grand selection of fish...and that is not going to be the case. What I do carry is QUALITY. I only carry products I am comfortable using in my tanks, fish that I know are healthy, shrimp that will rival the big shrimp websites out there right now, plants that are healthy and are reasonably priced (I don't get how some of these online plant sites can charge the prices they do, but ok?)

    I want you all to enjoy what I enjoy. A peaceful tank to sit back, turn off your brain, and just watch your underwater buddies do their thing. Healthy plants to arrange and re-scape whenever you want to change things up. Healthy inhabitants to watch for their entire life span. I am LUCKY to be doing what I am doing, and I have every one of you to thank for that. 

    Our new name will be Lucky Aquatics. The website will be down for construction for a short period of time in the very near future, and we will come back better than ever!


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