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Tangerine Tiger (Neo Parameters)

Tangerine Tigers are a super hardy Caridina shrimp. These shrimp are tangerine orange, with tiger stripe markings. Their color pops in planted tanks, especially with black substrates.

We keep our HOMEBRED Tangerine Tigers in Neocaridina Parameters. We use SaltyBee Premium gh/kh+.

TDS: 200-210 (Remineralized with Salty Bee Premium GH/KH+)
GH: 8
KH: 4
Temp: 68-74°
Sand: Black Diamond Blasting Media
Food: Pure Nordic Shrimp Food

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great shrimp!

The shrimp came active and alive and this was after the mail took over 10 days to deliver them! They are still doing great. I would order from this site again.

Love em

Came in happy and healthy, they are shy but I spot a few here and there, looking forward to babies lol.

Awesome tangerine tigers

Shrimp and other items came in fantastic shape. Shrimp were a nice size and all were healthy and are doing well. Packaging was top notch and there was a nice portion of moss in the bag. Shelly was super helpful. :-)

steven m
Great Shrimp

Beautiful shrimp, well packaged in a breather as well, arrived quickly, all alive and active plan on ordering again.

Ulises Nunez
All good, highly reccomend

All came alive with 2 extra (i ordered 10) and some spiky moss, even came with food samples and 2 Japanese candies. I've counted 8 in the tank at once but haven't seen any bodies so I assume they're hiding and I haven't seen any bodies.

Dave L
Great shrimp, great color

These shrimp came in a little on the smaller side, which is fine with me. They're doing great with no deaths or illness. The colors are great,and they're very lively mixed them in with my green jade and they look great. The shrimp were shipped in a breather bag with moss to hold onto. Will definitely buy again

Allen N.

I was initially hesitant in buying from a site I didn't know too well but Shelly was very responsive in addressing my concerns. Packaging was done quite well. I received the shrimp on a somewhat hot day, yet it was surprisingly cool when I retrieved the bag. The shrimp all arrived healthy and active with an extra!

mark allar

all is good , shrimp adapting nicely to their new enviroment

Kelly Hawkins
Not received yet

Can't provide a review until order is received. Should arrive later today (8/24).

Looking forward to your update on the review after you receive them!! USPS has been slow lately, but we pack them to withstand long delays in shipping. Have a great day =)

Johnny Mollindo

I have been searching for the right TTs for a while and here they are. I ordered a pack of 10 and they all arrived super healthy and active.