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Pinto Shrimp

How to set up a Pinto Tank

You will receive black and/or red pintos of mixed patterns from my tank. They have patterns like cloud, belly, spotted head, and zebra. Our HOMEBRED Pinto Shrimp are kept in the following parameters:

TDS:125-135 (Remineralized with SaltyBee Premium GH+)
GH: 5-6
KH: 0
Temp: 68-74°
Soil: ADA Amazonia (Active Substrate Required)
Food: Pure Nordic Organic Shrimp Food

Size: 5 Shrimp

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Very healthy shrimp but would’ve liked them to be a bit bigger

Yes, I ship young juvenile shrimp. Most shrimp breeders, including myself, find that shrimp do best in shipping when they're young. Adults do not fare as well in shipping and have a higher chance of death from stress of shipping. This gives you the most time with your shrimp, as they only live for a couple years.

david maxwell

Beautiful colors. They are adapting very well to there new home

Brandon Peterson
Beautiful shrimp very happy!!!

Every shrimp I've gotten from lucky aquatics has been great. very fast shipping every shrimp arrived alive and healthy. These ones have awesome markings and very active