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    Anubias Nana Petite on Cholla Wood

    Female Tangerine Tiger in PRL moss tank for breeding project

    Root Tabs!! Great for those heavy root feeders

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    Nice and clean!

    I wish I bought more of these. I used zip ties to hold the susswassertang to it and it fits nicely!

    Moss Variety Pack
    Chris Tidwell
    Rare moss pak!

    I found this shop from Poseidons pets youtube video. Healthy portions, A++ quality! My shrimps will love these when they fill in nicely. Thank you! =D

    Buy them now

    My Blue Bolt tank is a Waterbox Cube, which has 10 gallons of water volume but not a lot of horizontal floor space for plants. I bought 2 square ledges and 2 half moon ledges to give me vertical space to work with for some plants. I've got moss tied to 2 of the ledges, and anubias nana petite on the other two. The shrimp love them and they added a cool bit of verticality into my tank. The teeth work great for running thread through. Highly recommended.

    Awesome as usual

    Love how all moss coming from Lucky gets delivered. Generous portion on the size and really green!!

    Lubao 5 Pack

    So very happy to have a good trustworthy source of Lubao here in the US. I have used it during the cycle and will plan on using in the future as a vacation food or if I am not seeing enough biofilm. Dont forget to soak 3-5 days before use!!!

    Dragonblood Shrimp
    Kyle Usiak (Poseidon’s Pets)
    Great looking shrimp!

    These are some amazing looking shrimp! Absolutely in love with them!

    Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
    Great line

    By far my shrimps favorite food. I have every type of food from this brand and my shrimp never have anything left over the next morning. Definitely recommend

    Love them!

    I love these plants, they are so pretty! I got way more than I was expecting and they arrived in great condition. Can't wait until they are in my tanks for a few weeks and see what they look like! Very happy.

    Great Moss!!

    Every package from Lucky Aquatics is packed very well. I have used this moss in the past and due to how it grows out as well as up. It is very fast growing as well. Very good for non-experienced and experienced enthusiasts

    Pointed Spear Moss
    Kimberly Ordonez

    Arrived perfectly. Seller was kind enough to send attached my preferred color instead of the black.

    2" Round Moss Ledge
    Kimberly Ordonez

    Very happy with them and love how glacier blue looks. Wish I would've gotten more! Will be back just for these.

    Great shrimp!

    The shrimp came active and alive and this was after the mail took over 10 days to deliver them! They are still doing great. I would order from this site again.

    Purple Fringed Riccia
    Natalia Podunavac

    Arrived 100% alive and absolutely gorgeous! It's doing well in my tank and am hoping to get it to thrive, bu it seems to be doing well right now. It looks just as good in person as it is in the photos. Highly reccomend!

    Favorite ledges

    I've tried ledges from another source or two, these are definitely my favorite. They're a lil thicker and the notches making tying them up a breeze.

    Beautiful moss

    Healthy and beautiful moss. It is a true weeping moss as described. A great addition to my aquarium.

    Hookeriaceae Moss
    Armando Neves
    Beautiful moss!

    Beautiful moss, carefully and meticulously packaged. I am so glad that you guys are selling it, it's a rare moss very difficult to find. Super happy with my purchase!

    Spikey Moss

    Nice healthy sample that has ready grown well!

    Beautiful mosses!

    My 2nd purchase, and more purchases in the future! I was never disappointed with any purchases.

    Red Pinto Shrimp
    fanta ratdavong
    quality plus

    I just became a fan for their product and services! I am very please with all my orders!

    Hollow eye red ghost

    Awesome shrimp. Second time buying these. A nice shrimp to have in the collection. All arrived safely and in great condition.

    Hookeriaceae Moss
    fanta ratdavong
    first time order

    I got my first order and I am very happy with the product. The packaging was awesome! will definitely buy again soon.

    Pure Nordic Sample Pack
    Shrimp love it!

    My shrimp absolutely love this food. Especially the day-by-day, but they have eaten each food and love them all. Will definitely be buying again!

    Pure Nordic Sample Pack
    Stephen Grams

    Shrimp loved the food. Definitely going to purchase more Pure Nordic.

    Hookeriaceae Moss
    Andy Tran

    Moss came in clearly packaged and healthy. I will recommend this to anyone.

    Melted in 72 hours

    I thought these moss were easy to grow. I have 20 different plants in my tank never see one melt. Ordered 3 types of moss two metled with CO2 injection. The Distichophyllum moss was the only moss survives. Want to reorder but out of stock.

    Hi Dathan, Im sorry to hear the subwassertang moss melted on you. Mosses are hard to keep in warmer waters, such as the temperature you stated your tank stays (no cooler than 76) I also keep my subwassertang (and all moss I sell) in low tech tanks that are not supplemented with co2 injection. This could have an affect on how you moss adapts to your tank.