Anubias Nana Petite on Cholla Wood

    Female Tangerine Tiger in PRL moss tank for breeding project

    Root Tabs!! Great for those heavy root feeders

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    Love em

    Came in happy and healthy, they are shy but I spot a few here and there, looking forward to babies lol.

    Another Marvelous Moss

    As the picture at the top of the page shows, this is a very beautiful moss.

    The new -- new to me, at least -- method of delivery, by which moss and flat are sent separately with "some assembly required", is quite novel and greatly appreciated. I don't know if it was intentional, but my moss portion more than covered the 1x2" plant flat and spilled over to occupy two of the 2x2" ledges I had ordered. Now, instead of one centerpiece, I have three! Can't complain about that. Keep up the good work, LA.

    Awesome tangerine tigers

    Shrimp and other items came in fantastic shape. Shrimp were a nice size and all were healthy and are doing well. Packaging was top notch and there was a nice portion of moss in the bag. Shelly was super helpful. :-)

    Awesome moss pack!

    Lucky Aquatics answered my questions and helped me out before I placed my order. They shipped my order fast and all the moss arrived in great shape. They were all beautiful, green, and healthy. I highly recommend ordering their moss variety pack if you are looking for a good deal on some beautiful rare mosses.

    Great product!!

    Great for shrimps immunity and overall health!! Highly recommend this!!

    Really nice blue shrimp

    These are a really beautiful blue. They were cheaper and better quality than the other blue bolts I've purchased from a bigger online supplier that ships and quarantines the shrimp instead of raising them. They are bright blue over most of their body. Really good deal for the quality!

    Cute little striped guy

    Shrimp arrived in great shape. Was packaged really well in a breather bag. It seems just as hardy as my other caridinas. I only got one, because they're expensive, but it's a great addition to my caridina rainbow tank.

    Great Service as always!

    Shrimp love the food, what else is there to say !!! Will certainly get some of the other Pure Nordic products.

    Hookeriaceae Moss
    Travis Lund

    Waited a couple weeks to see how it acclimated to my Crystal Red tank. Everything is exactly as described, Arrived perfect. Growth can already be seen starting to shoot up from the plant flat. Will look forward to future orders!

    Beautiful Blue's

    Beautiful shrimp wonderful blue color well packed all arrived alive ordered 10 got 11 and a sample pack of food. Will be coming here for my shrimp needs in the future.


    Perfect for my purposes! Will definitely buy more!

    Pointed Spear Moss

    Day by day is been picking itself up and growing. It came super healthy, with no dead strands.

    Shrimp Tank Health Pack
    Bradley Canterberry

    everything arrived alive and healthy, the packaging was amazing. this was my first time ordering from this website and now i’ll always order from here. super pog 11/10

    Great for babies!!

    Ever since I started using this, instead of other foods for baby shrimp. My shrimpletes have been thriving. Water parameters haven't changed and they're also growing big and healthy!! Highly recommend!

    Great Shrimp

    Beautiful shrimp, well packaged in a breather as well, arrived quickly, all alive and active plan on ordering again.

    Moss Variety Pack
    Jonas Root
    Nice moss & good quantity

    Great quality and very good proportions. Highly recommend

    Fire Red Neocaridina
    Nichelle N
    Fire Red Neos

    These neos are absolutely beautiful. They all arrived packaged nicely and in great shape. They are a deep, vibrant red and look to be excellent quality. Very excited for these new additions to our tank!!! <3

    Blue Neos

    Arrived packaged beautifully and all were alive and well. The color is stunning! The owner here is incredible and very kind. I love how knowledgeable she is and willing to answer any questions I may have!

    Botanicals Package
    Lindsey Batton
    Great selection of botanicals

    I purchased one of these, along with additional leaves and pods separately, and this pack was a great size with a great selection of botanicals. I will definitely be ordering again! The only thing I wish was different would be resealable bags as I won’t be adding everything at once. But still 5 stars. :)

    Great Product Line

    I tried a sample and now have ordered the entire bottle - this is one of the pellets my shrimp in all my tanks love the most

    Love the quality

    Great product to go along with any number of products from the Pure Nordic line. The best success with tanks I have had has come when feeding this line of products!!

    Para Para Pod
    Margaret Bailey
    Add a surfboard to your tank.

    Really, I keep one of these in my tank just to enjoy how it looks. The ramshorns scrounge on it, although they don't appear to eat the actual pod, so for me they're more of a decoration. A very cute decoration.

    Dysoxylum (Lafi) Pod
    Margaret Bailey
    Give your snails some catnip!

    I have ramshorn snails in both of my aquariums, and they pile up on these and eat from both the inside and outside. After a week or two the shells gets to be paper thin, perfect replicas of the originals but so fragile they break if touched. Put them in the front of the tank and enjoy the show.

    Moss ledge betta bed

    These little ledges are perfect for a betta bed near the surface with some moss attached he is snug as a bug!

    Ludwigia Repens
    Rachel Prey
    Beautiful healthy plants!

    These plants came packaged carefully and with sweet little candies as a thoughtful addition! The plants are vibrant and healthy. I will be a repeat customer for sure!