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Wow! They arrived perfectly fine and healthy, seller answered all my questions & they are more beautiful than I expected - Very pleased!

It was supposed to be “free”, but item was not shipped with rest of order… unclear what happened… but since it’s “free” to begin with, I guess I just have to accept the fact that it’s not honored.

As we stated, the "free" plant was a technical error, and we didn't even have any stock to "honor" the free plant. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Well packaged, looking forward to having this nickle sized pinch to grow into a nice full patch of moss!

Mulberry Leaves

The shrimps loving it 😊


Such a cool assortment of shrimp. Great if you're looking to make a caridina skittles tank. All my shrimp were healthy upon arrival. I also contacted the vendor to ask what parameters they keep the shrimp at and they were very quick to respond and help out.

Super seller great shrimps and lightning fast service. The shrimps are beautiful and all arrived not death after two weeks. Will order again.

They were healthy 😁

Awesome selection

I love the mix I got, all alive and doing well!! It’s nice to have a variety in my shrimp tank.

Beautiful moss

a nice specimen of bright greed beautiful moss



Fast shipping, all arrived well and healthy. Like their colors.

Boa Shrimp

Shelly from Lucky aquatics has high quality shrimp bred in the USA. They work hard on thier shrimp and it shows they are really cool 😎 I love the Boa shrimp I got from them very beautiful

Moss arrived lush and healthy! I'm already seeing some new growth, and the shrimp love it!

Excellent blue bolts

This is my second order and they are perfect. The seller is quick, responsive and you can tell she cares about the shrimp. I will be ordering again soon for my second shrimp tank.

Dragonblood Shrimp
Joshua Marderness

I bought 10 dragonblood shrimp and received 12, very nicely packaged and the seller was very responsive, thank you !

It's so cute

It was really hard to find this moss, but I found lucky aquatics in my search for it. The owner is so kind and answered any questions I had. The moss is perfect! It came extremely well packaged and in great condition. I know it's slow growing but I can't wait to see it start filling in the decor I attached it to! Very happy with my purchase 😊

I always get excellent products and service. Beautiful botanicals for my aquariums.

Mosses were packed well. All portions were nice size. Arrived in good condition. Can’t wait to see them growing.

Great variety! My bettas are very happy with the tannins in their tank!

Well packed and shipped fast. Alive and beautiful.

Beautiful and nicely packaged.

Get it!

Not as useful as I had hoped. My shrimp don’t even touch it.

These are meant to be grazing foods. You won't see too much of a swarm for these except for the first hour you put them in the tank. If you don't see an excess of biofilm growth on it, that means that your shrimp are eating the biofilm as it grows, and benefiting from it.