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    Anubias Nana Petite on Cholla Wood

    Female Tangerine Tiger in PRL moss tank for breeding project

    Root Tabs!! Great for those heavy root feeders

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    Set it and forget basically

    Arrived in perfect condition already attached to a ledge and suction cup so I just had to find a place to put it. Only been a few days but I notice it already climbing up the back wall. Will be cool to watch the progress.

    Blue Bolt Shrimp
    Caroline Kanuck
    Excellent new family members

    I ordered ten and I think I counted a dozen! All alive and well and enjoying their new place. Can’t wait for babies and a gorgeous colony.

    Blue Bolt Shrimp
    Dillon Koenker

    Left my review but here's some photos. Awesome shrimp!

    As Advertised!

    They look just like the picture! Great condition and cool looking.

    As Advertised!

    Leaves were in good condition and there were very few broken pieces. Good variety of shades, colors, and sizes too!

    Dragonblood Shrimp
    Jordan S.
    Dragon Blood Shrimp

    In the process of moving I lost the majority of my dragon blood colony and was left with only 3. Managed to get 20 with a berried female from Shelly and Lucky Aquatics. Shelly was very nice, professional and helpful throughout the entire process. When the shrimp came in I counted 22 total shrimp, all alive and active, and the berried female was still carrying her eggs. They adapted quickly to the tank. Very happy with the transaction and it was a relief seeing my dragon blood tank full of shrimp again. This was my first order with Lucky Aquatics and I was very impressed. Highly recommended! Thank you Shelly!

    Thank You!!

    Works great!

    Pure Nordic RAW Daybyday
    Natalia Podunavac
    Shrimp love it!

    Got 12+ tiger shrimp and some trial size samples of the Nordic food including this one. Was afraid the whole population of shrimp died a couple days after I added them, but a couple survived and due to this food they have thrived and I now have a nice population of shrimp. Food doesn't foul the water and shrimp (unfortunately snails too) love the food and surround (sticks)or seek out (powder) the food when it gets into the tank. Lots of food for the $ too so it's a great deal. Will definitely buy again.

    Botanicals Package
    Israel Arriaza
    It’s betta approved!

    This package contained a generous amount of botanicals with good variety. I bought it for my 10 gallon blackwater betta tank and he loves to rummage through all of it.

    Red Pinto Shrimp
    Kyle Usiak (Poseidon’s Pets)
    Amazing Pintos

    These pintos are amazing. They came in looking great and super healthy. They were packaged perfectly and had no leaks or deaths.

    If you are looking for some pintos these are a nice addition to any Carolina tank.

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    Nano Half Moon Ledge
    Worked well

    I attached some of the hooker moss to this with cyanoacrylate and then stuck it to the aquarium. It has stayed there since and the shrimp enjoy sitting on it. I'd call that a success.

    Dragonblood Shrimp
    Florante S
    Dragon Blood

    These shrimp are beautiful and are of high quality. I will definitely purchase more of these when they become available. Excellent communication with seller and very quick delivery. All shrimp arrived alive and well. I highly recommend Lucky Aquatics. Thank you.

    Great starting pack!

    Got a lot more than I expected, with a ton of variety! Super pleased with the product and the affordable price.

    Subwassertang Moss
    Charles Dupre mms
    Too Soon to Tell

    I received an email requesting a review. Sometimes these invitations expire leaving no opportunity for a proper review after settling in. So I am posting this place holder for now, to be updated later if possible. It is only just starting to perk up from its flattened shipping shape. At this time all I can say is I expected a bit larger mat, but if it grows as expected, that’s okay.

    I am sorry you weren't satisfied with the 2x2 starter portion we offer. These do take a little time to grow in, but I am sure that once it does start growing in, you will be happy with the size of it =)

    Mulberry Leaves
    My shrimps favorite leaves

    My shrimp absolutely love these mulberry leaves. They get completely devoured in a night! They always receive whole and fast!

    Blue Bolt Shrimp
    Kyle Usiak (Poseidon’s Pets)
    They look great!

    These shrimp came in looking great! No deaths and even a couple extra :)

    Shrimp looked to be pure blue bolt with no yellow or black spots on the carapace that would indicate they had been crossbred with anything else.

    Great Product!!

    I used both the Lubao and Kallax and they are very good. Be sure to soak before use for 3-5 days and change the water daily. I kept it in a little feeding dish inside the tank and biofilm will start growing quickly. They last about 2 months so keep that in mind but overall, I am very happy with them.

    Nice and clean!

    I wish I bought more of these. I used zip ties to hold the susswassertang to it and it fits nicely!

    Moss Variety Pack
    Chris Tidwell
    Rare moss pak!

    I found this shop from Poseidons pets youtube video. Healthy portions, A++ quality! My shrimps will love these when they fill in nicely. Thank you! =D

    Buy them now

    My Blue Bolt tank is a Waterbox Cube, which has 10 gallons of water volume but not a lot of horizontal floor space for plants. I bought 2 square ledges and 2 half moon ledges to give me vertical space to work with for some plants. I've got moss tied to 2 of the ledges, and anubias nana petite on the other two. The shrimp love them and they added a cool bit of verticality into my tank. The teeth work great for running thread through. Highly recommended.

    Awesome as usual

    Love how all moss coming from Lucky gets delivered. Generous portion on the size and really green!!

    Lubao 5 Pack

    So very happy to have a good trustworthy source of Lubao here in the US. I have used it during the cycle and will plan on using in the future as a vacation food or if I am not seeing enough biofilm. Dont forget to soak 3-5 days before use!!!

    Dragonblood Shrimp
    Kyle Usiak (Poseidon’s Pets)
    Great looking shrimp!

    These are some amazing looking shrimp! Absolutely in love with them!

    Judge.me YouTube video placeholder
    Great line

    By far my shrimps favorite food. I have every type of food from this brand and my shrimp never have anything left over the next morning. Definitely recommend

    Love them!

    I love these plants, they are so pretty! I got way more than I was expecting and they arrived in great condition. Can't wait until they are in my tanks for a few weeks and see what they look like! Very happy.