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Verified Customer Reviews

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Nice variety

First time buying from you and I was well pleased with my purchase and the price. The botanical pack had a great variety of pods and seeds and they look good in my tanks. Will purchase from you again.

Leaf Variety pack

Received the Leaf variety pack today and was pleased to see it well packaged and the leaves were intact and not crumbled. All the different varieties of leaves were delivered as advertised on your website. The price was great as well. Thank you

Nice and Healthy

One of the more interesting mosses I’ve bought aside from your typical Java moss. The delivery arrived well packed and comes with a plastic mesh plate so you can secure the maibarae moss.

Beautiful shrimp

Order came in fast with great packaging and all shrimp were alive 😋. Acclimated them to my tank and so far so good. Will be ordering more of these high quality shrimp.

Anubias Nana Petite
Ginger Isaman
Good quality

Plants arrived quickly and in good condition.

Pure nordic is amazing

This whole line is great. shrimp swarm it as soon as it's put in their bowls. Great ingredients, fast shipping!

Amazing food

My shrimp love this entire line more than any other food I have tried. Amazing ingredients, great quality and I love this shop! Fast shipping.

1x2" Plant Flat
Martin Ramirez
Favorite ledge for slow growing mosses

I definitely prefer these lil flats for my slow growing mosses. My OCD loves the lil notches for tying the moss down lol. They're also the perfect width for my 12" tweezers that I use to move stuff around with in my shrimp tanks.

Very handsome shrimp

I ordered only 5, 6 arrived but unfortunately one was DOA. The five have settled into their tank with the pure line crystal red shrimp I also got from Lucky nicely and are munching away happily. The deep red colors are striking. Really stoked on these shrimp!

Black Pinto Shrimp
david maxwell

Beautiful colors. They are adapting very well to there new home

Red Pinto Shrimp
david maxwell

They arrived well packaged. Shrimp are doing well in there new home

crystal red shrimp

nice looking shrimp, packaged well and delivered on time, will do business again.

Exactly what I was looking for!!!

All leaves were whole and in tip top condition!! No broken leaves and very clean. Perfect amount of each type!!

Fast shipping, great customer service!

Have been looking all over for a varied leaf litter for my isopods, springtails and vampire crabs paludarium.

This variety pack is perfect!!

Highly recommend!!!

Botanicals Package
Georgia Roberts
Botanical Smorgasbord

Nice assortment

Outstanding quality, blazing fast shipping

Sometimes buying from aquatic stores online can be like shooting in the dark, but you can shop here in confidence. I purchased 10 of the moss ledges --- they were shipped within 24 hours and in my hands in only 3 days from the purchase.

The ledges are quality, and I particularly enjoy the design along the outside, which served as a guide for my fishing string. The holes are also big enough to slip some smaller varieties of crypts and buce in without needing to secure them down (even in my tanks with high flow).

My neocardinias wasted no time getting comfortable on these. Within 10 minutes, I had three velvet blues on the underside of one ledge.

I am thrilled with the price, shipping time, and quality, and will absolutely be back when I need more.

Absolutely love this moss!

Great packaging! Fat shipping and superb customer service!!

All stems arrived healthy and in perfect condition. I've always wanted to try this moss. Glad I went with Lucky Aquatics.

Great moss!!

Looks exactly as described! All pieces are healthy and green. Quick delivery, great customer service! Highly recommend!!

Limnophila belem
Elena One feather
My bent crayfish love it

This plant is so beautiful and my crayfish love it!

Absolutely love it!!

Moss arrived within 4 days of ordering. Perfectly packed, all pieces healthy and in great condition. Perfect amount!! Highly recommend!!

1.25" Nano Round Ledge
Hector Lopez
These small ledges are the absolute best

If you plan on getting many types of moss these are the absolute best the ledge has many ridges so it’s easier to tie thinner moss and keep it in place. very easy to tie I use fishing line and after I’m done going around the entire ledge I do a few circles around the base where the suction cup meets the ledge itself and it stays in place for me so it isn’t pesky having to make knots to keep it from unraveling 10/10 anytime I get new species of moss I will be ordering more. right now I’ve ordered nearly 20 of these that’s how amazing they are

Super neat and great variety

I was looking to jazz up my tanks with botanicals besides almond leaves. These add a lot of visual variety to my tanks (definitely seem more homely and natural), and were quite inexpensive. I had plenty to put in a 20 gallon tank and 3 additional 7-gallons, and still have half the bag left. Definitely will be getting more of these botanicals again when I run out!

Pretty cool moss

The moss took a double trip around the country because USPS shipped it back to its origin for some reason, so the moss took a week to arrive. Nevertheless, it was packaged very nicely with a bit of water, so it looked great upon arrival, and was affixed with clear string to its ledge. It's not had any issue acclimating to my tank and is already slowly growing and branching out.

Pretty happy and have already purchased more moss to round out my collection of ledges for my shrimp. :-D

Out of this world galaxy fishbone shrimp

I’ve been on the hunt for high grade shrimp without having to import them and Lucky Aquatics delivered above and beyond on quality and service. They answered all my questions and hand selected my fresh batch of shrimp. Could not be more pleased with these! Definitely earned a repeat customer.

high quality plant

a little expensive for one stem but it's healthy and look good. Thanks

Moss Variety Pack
Hector Lopez
One word amazing !

Holy crap is this a great deal I’m am very very happy with the delivery very good portions of moss I was very surprised at the amount I got nothing can beat that price for the more uncommon and rare moss if they ever get other rare types I’m sure to buy from this site again. If you’re on the fence of getting these you should if you’re interested in many types of moss when it shipped I got it in about 3 days which is crazy considering I live in Puerto Rico arrived super healthy and like I said great portions 10,000 /10 recommend