Anubias Nana Petite on Cholla Wood

    Female Tangerine Tiger in PRL moss tank for breeding project

    Root Tabs!! Great for those heavy root feeders

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    Hookeriaceae Moss
    Andy Tran

    Moss came in clearly packaged and healthy. I will recommend this to anyone.

    Melted in 72 hours

    I thought these moss were easy to grow. I have 20 different plants in my tank never see one melt. Ordered 3 types of moss two metled with CO2 injection. The Distichophyllum moss was the only moss survives. Want to reorder but out of stock.

    Hi Dathan, Im sorry to hear the subwassertang moss melted on you. Mosses are hard to keep in warmer waters, such as the temperature you stated your tank stays (no cooler than 76) I also keep my subwassertang (and all moss I sell) in low tech tanks that are not supplemented with co2 injection. This could have an affect on how you moss adapts to your tank.

    Sadly all melted in 4 days

    It looks ok at the first day but turned to yellow in 12 hours. Turned all white with brown stem in 48 hours. Contacted seller for help and was told they would adapt the water parameter soon. Sadly, moss broken down when I touch it today. Ordered another one will try again.

    Hi Dathan, I am sorry you had that experience with the Hookeriaceae moss! As stated in our email communication, I think the problem you are experiencing is with your high water temps, as you said you can't keep your water below 76°. In the product listing, it's mentioned that keeping your water temps low is important for this very sensitive moss. I hope the new one is able to adapt to the warmer water in your tank, but it gets harder to keep moss as the temperature increases!

    Great moss!

    Moss looks great and doing well in my tank from day one

    Casurina Cones
    Barbara C
    Great product for shrimp babies!!

    I absolutely love these. They do no break down quickly and a great source of biofilm. This is the newborn shrimplets favorite hide out, providing the perfect food source for their survival. The adults and juvies enjoy these as well. Highly recommend!!

    Best substrate !!

    I have used several different types of substrate and I absolutely love this one. There is no dust, the color is perfect for my darker color shrimp. It doesn't leech ammonia for a quicker cycling time. Highly recommend!!

    Best Subwassertang

    Great service, packaging, great price. The way they package the subwassertang in water in a small bag works. The Subwassertang was healthy.

    2" Round Moss Ledge
    Nathan Roberts

    This is an amazing product, it was so easy to attach the moss to

    Beautiful moss

    Really bright and cool looking moss! Arrived in excellent condition and was pleased with how much I got. Definitely recommend getting Distichophyllum moss from Lucky Aquatics if your LFS doesn't have it.

    Perfect for my shrimp!

    Excellent condition on arrival and the price is unbeatable for what you get! Only place I'd buy Subwassertang from if your LFS doesn't have it.


    This food it’s amazing!

    2" Round Moss Ledge
    Phaedra Winters

    Works perfect!

    Smells fantastic!!

    I feed it every other week and treat it as a powder food rather than a pellet. The shrimp really seem to enjoy the product and its a fun "treat" to feed and keep the diversity of food high


    Shrimps are very nice and good size. Thank for you business!!! I will order more.


    Shrimps are very nice and good size. Thank for you business!!! I will order more.

    Spiky moss

    Nice portion of healthy spiky moss on a printed ledge with suction cup. It has been growing fast! Love the moss and the ledge!

    Coco flowers

    Love them, looks like little wood flowers in the water. Haven't seen them anywhere least for sale.

    Casurina Cones

    Interesting little cones, pretty small about nickel sized. Good price for a oz. cheaper by at least 2-3 dollars. Hard to find them in stock.

    Shrimp churros

    Cool leaf shape, haven't seen them anywhere else for sale. Get at least 2 or 3. Good price as well.

    Mulberry Leaves
    Barbara C
    Great leaves!!!

    I got them very quickly!! They were all in one solid piece. None crumbled or broken like I've received in the past from other sources. My shrimp and snails love them!! Will definitely keep getting them from here!!


    The shrimp all arrived healthy and very well packaged. They appear to be fairly young so they should take better to a new environment. After carefully drip acclimating them to my tank they are all doing fine!

    Plagiochilaceae "Cameroon" Moss
    John Paul Gouleven
    Cameroon Moss

    First purchase, very pleased with packaging care and swift shipping. Moss arrived in healthy condition and displayed no signs of pests in quarantine. Looks happy in the tank, hopefully the trend continues ;) Very happy with the purchase, as I'm always considering more varieties of unique options for my Nano tank.

    TaiTiBee Shrimp
    Emily S
    Taitibee shrimp

    My taitibees just came in and they’re BEAUTIFUL!!!! The colors and combinations are gorgeous! I even got an extra one! And they got here so quick! They are bringing me so much joy :-) Thank you!!!!

    Mixed Moss
    Jo B
    Mixed Moss

    Ordered the Lucky Aquatics Mixed Moss but was worried about the USPS journey from West Michigan to the SF Bay Area, CA. Even with some delays due to the 4th of July & USPS being on holiday, the moss made it here in perfect condition. I just started sorting through the pack, and I'm seeing at least 3 different types of moss, maybe even 4. Thanks for the great value & nice moss set that is not readily available at my local fish & plant spots!

    Purple Fringed Riccia
    Pete Valdon
    Quality Colorful plants!

    Will buy again