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    Anubias Nana Petite on Cholla Wood

    Female Tangerine Tiger in PRL moss tank for breeding project

    Root Tabs!! Great for those heavy root feeders

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    1.25" Nano Round Ledge
    Hector Lopez
    These small ledges are the absolute best

    If you plan on getting many types of moss these are the absolute best the ledge has many ridges so it’s easier to tie thinner moss and keep it in place. very easy to tie I use fishing line and after I’m done going around the entire ledge I do a few circles around the base where the suction cup meets the ledge itself and it stays in place for me so it isn’t pesky having to make knots to keep it from unraveling 10/10 anytime I get new species of moss I will be ordering more. right now I’ve ordered nearly 20 of these that’s how amazing they are

    Super neat and great variety

    I was looking to jazz up my tanks with botanicals besides almond leaves. These add a lot of visual variety to my tanks (definitely seem more homely and natural), and were quite inexpensive. I had plenty to put in a 20 gallon tank and 3 additional 7-gallons, and still have half the bag left. Definitely will be getting more of these botanicals again when I run out!

    Pretty cool moss

    The moss took a double trip around the country because USPS shipped it back to its origin for some reason, so the moss took a week to arrive. Nevertheless, it was packaged very nicely with a bit of water, so it looked great upon arrival, and was affixed with clear string to its ledge. It's not had any issue acclimating to my tank and is already slowly growing and branching out.

    Pretty happy and have already purchased more moss to round out my collection of ledges for my shrimp. :-D

    Out of this world galaxy fishbone shrimp

    I’ve been on the hunt for high grade shrimp without having to import them and Lucky Aquatics delivered above and beyond on quality and service. They answered all my questions and hand selected my fresh batch of shrimp. Could not be more pleased with these! Definitely earned a repeat customer.

    high quality plant

    a little expensive for one stem but it's healthy and look good. Thanks

    Moss Variety Pack
    Hector Lopez
    One word amazing !

    Holy crap is this a great deal I’m am very very happy with the delivery very good portions of moss I was very surprised at the amount I got nothing can beat that price for the more uncommon and rare moss if they ever get other rare types I’m sure to buy from this site again. If you’re on the fence of getting these you should if you’re interested in many types of moss when it shipped I got it in about 3 days which is crazy considering I live in Puerto Rico arrived super healthy and like I said great portions 10,000 /10 recommend

    Mulberry Leaves
    Robbie S
    Tank favorites

    Leaves arrived on time and as expected, not crumbly at all and soaked perfectly for the tank. My shrimp, loaches, and snails all love them!

    Great product

    This substrate is super similar to what you'll find at your local aquarium shop or pet store however, buying it here is a bit cheaper. It took 2 bags to create a 1.5-2 inch layer in my 10 gallon tank

    Super cool patterns

    These are awesome shrimp! Super fun mix of patterns and color. Definitely some of my favorite shrimp in my tanks right now.

    Moss Variety Pack
    James Jacobs

    I’m always a bit skeptical about ordering “rare” mosses . I’ve been burned more than once , especially considering the price , but they showed up looking fantastic . Will definitely order again . I couldn’t be happier

    Great shrimp! Really fast shipping!! Recommended!

    All shrimp were beautiful and lively, fast shipping, and proper packaging so bags don’t pop. Many many thanks!!!

    Great Value and Healthy Plants

    Wonderful source for hard to find mosses. Very happy with variety, health, and portions of the plant. Will come back for new mosses and shrimp!

    Beautiful Crystal Red shrimp

    My absolutely gorgeous shrimp arrived happy and healthy! Professionally packaged. I highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    tangerine tigers


    Mixed Moss
    Riley L.
    Super cool and healthy mixed mosses

    The mix I received was really neat with some types of mosses I haven’t seen before. My shrimp seem to love hanging out on them. I was also very pleased with how healthy they looked upon arrival and especially after putting them in my tank. Would definitely recommend.

    wish I could afford more

    These were the most expensive shrimp I've purchase since I got into this hobby of shrimp keeping. They owner Shelly of luckyaquatics was very helpful and patient. Reply back to all my emails, sent me groups of pictures to choose from. The shrimp themselves, these were very small shrimp about 1/4 inch in size but already very high quality nanashi. Their color still needs to develop more but that will happen over time as they grow. Overall, very happy with my purchase.

    Riccardia Chamedryfolia "Coral" Moss
    Mayla Caroline Jenkinson
    Very healthy looking

    Very well packed. Can't wait for it to grow.

    Red Pinto Shrimp
    macenzie Morales
    Red pinto (sorry my camera is not the best)

    Even with my local shipping are not being the brightest group and having the shrimp pushed back a day, all the shrimp arrived alive and well. I am very happy with my order!

    Pure Nordic RAW Nutridust 40g
    So far so good

    My bamboo shrimp seems to like it!

    So far so good

    I havent had a lot of time using this yet, but with my bamboo shrimp, as soon as I put it in the water he starts waving his hands, so I think its working.

    Love these

    These worked so well with the moss I had. Totally disappeared with my black rock. Loved them so much I ordered multiples.

    Love these

    These worked so well with the moss I had. Totally disappeared with my black rock. Loved them so much I ordered multiples.

    Moss Variety Pack
    Laura Walters

    I was looking everywhere to get some new mosses for my shrimp tanks. The thing is you don't know which will do well for you and what won't. I hoping these all do well but the pack gave me a great variety to try out. Was perfect. Now I have all these cool new mosses to try out. I emailed them after asking suggested ways to use them and also got a prompt response.
    Pack came in sealed in water very green and healthy. Just like pictured on page.

    Pointed Spear Moss

    I received a very healthy, beautiful loose clump of moss. I've ordered other mosses from online sellers, and this is by far the
    best quality. Carefully packed and sent out quickly, thank you!


    These are nice, well made moss ledges, and the perfect size for my nano tank, thanks!