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Get it!

Not as useful as I had hoped. My shrimp don’t even touch it.

It's absolutely stunning. These are top-quality leaves. Packaged perfectly to ensure safe arrival. They even threw in a few extra to top it off, as if what they sent was not enough. If you're looking to make your tank more natural and bring a bit of home to the inhabitants within, then you can't go wrong with your selection of these Indian Almond Leaves.

Such a great variety of botanicals. I have several tanks, and there is enough to suffice multiple environments and species. Would recommend to anyone looking to add a touch of nature to their tank or to accommodate the inhabitants living in them.

Very Happy!

Order shipped fast, packaged really well and the shrimp are doing great! Just ordered 5 more!

Awesome brand.

This was the only food brand missing in my collection for the shrimp. The shrimp always go after pure Nordic and devour it all. I have to put it in areas where they can get it because the snails also surround the food. Lots of competition so needed the mineral one as well so that the shrimp get everything they need.

Pure Nordic, need I say more

Pure Nordic Brand. I know it will be an awesome item because I already have all the food types and feed my shrimp that devour them completely. Fast shipping. Great product.

Fancy Tiger Shrimp
Kevin Nguyen
Great shrimps!

They included 2 extra, I'm assuming in case some don't make the trip, but they've all made it through shipping and survived for a month so far. They were drip acclimated and put into a well lit planted tank with a thermostat set to 72F. Very pretty shrimps.

Dead shrimp, bad customers service

I ordered 5 blue steel shrimp. Shipping was delayed by 5 days and when the arrived the package was burst and all the shrimp were dead. I reached out for help and was blamed for them being dead. Package was delivered in a temperature controlled locker, and I had to wait for internet to send an email with photos but since I did not send the email in time and because lucky aquatics “never have and shrimp arrive DOA” I was told there is nothing they can do. Worst experience with ordering shrimp I’ve ever had due to their response towards something out of anyone’s control. If they would’ve just taken responsibility and apologized I would not had to leave this review. “Arrive alive”policy is bull and they shouldn’t false advertise.

Below you can find our email exchange in its entirety. Please note that temperatures exceeded 100° in the area, for the 5 days prior to delivery:

Hello, I still have not received my shrimp. I think they may have gotten delayed in shipping. My concern is if they arrive alive but that’s still to be determined.
Dana Rocha
Yes it looks like they've been delayed. As long as the temps aren't crazy hot, they should be fine. Let me know when they show up (I would assume Monday)


Unfortunately they did not arrive alive.
I'm so sorry to hear this!
It looks like the bag had a burst seam or a pinhole in the bag that was not obvious enough during the packing process, however the shrimp usually arrive alive even with that amount of water, so I am assuming something else had to happen as well. Unfortunately, your temps exceeded my Live Arrival Guarantee by roughly 10°, and I am not able to see the dead shrimp in the bag, which is all clearly stated in my FaQs.
FAQs - Lucky Aquatics (link)
As a courtesy, I can offer you 50% off the reorder of your shrimp, because I basically never have any DOA. Follow this link (link) to be directed to the Blue Steel page with your code active (xxxxx).
Let me know if you have any other questions, and please wait until your temperatures are better to reorder (I suggest low 70's as best temps).
Thank You,
Lucky Aquatics
Nothing to do with temps, shipping delayed. It was supposed to be here Friday and it is currently Tuesday. That is out of my hands and
I would like either a full refund or another shipment.
I think this has nothing to due with temps considering the package was ruptured and shipping was delayed.
Dana Rocha
The temperatures are 95° in your area. That absolutely had an effect on the shipment. Delayed packages have the potential to sit outside for extended periods of time, and if the temperatures are within my guaranteed range, there usually aren't issues. I have had many delayed packages arrive alive that were delayed far longer than a couple days. I have also had a few packages arrive with half the water gone, and those too, still arrived alive. I ship many shrimp every week, so I do understand how to safely ship shrimp, and the extreme temperatures are the cause of any DOA 95% of the time.
Added to this, you did not contact me for almost 7 hours after they were delivered to your PO Box/locker. I require this notification to be within 2 hours even in the best of temperatures. I also still have no proof of all the dead shrimp, as I cannot see anything but a very small photo that does not clearly show all 5 shrimp were dead. I can offer live arrival guarantees only when the steps I request of the customer are taken.
Lucky Aquatics

Awesome food with an awesome price.

Bought this a second time now but the 50 g because it is very popular with my shrimp. They eat it all and leave nothing behind. It's so good that even baby shrimp come up to get a piece without running away. That says a lot. So got the bigger bottle which is a very good price. Pure Nordic is the best of the best. Awesome seller as well.

I know it will be awesome.

This is my first time buying this type of food and I know that it will be devoured by the shrimp as well because they eat all of the day by day, aminostix, and pro probiotic ones that I did buy and use. This brand already proved to me that their ingredients are the best of the best so had no second thoughts when I bought these. Awesome product. Awesome seller. Awesome prices. Fast shipping. So very glad that I found this product. Their is so much out their but Pure Nordic is above them all.

Mulberry Leaves
Daniel S.
Shrimp love these leaves.

These mulberry leaves are like chocolate cake to shrimp. The shrimp devour one leaf less then 2 days. I also bought guava leaves, jackfruit, and Indian almond and put of them all only the mulberry leaves gets ripped to shreds and devoured very quickly. These leaves look great and are sealed really well. So worth it. Great seller with fast shipping.

Your money's worth.

The 50 g bottle is such a good deal. You get a good amount of awesome food that the shrimp really like. Plus the seller ships out quickly and on time. If you decide to buy this, go for the big one. A lot of good food for a really good price. Win, win all around.

Top Shrimp Food

This brand is top of the line. They did everything right and it shows through my shrimps. The shrimp all want to devour as much of this brand food and not share. Going to buy more when needed.

Best Of The Best

This brand is the best of the best. Top shrimp food. Have 4 different brands plus this one and only this has all the shrimp flocking over, even the baby shrimp try to get a piece. Top shrimp food. Will only be buying this from now on.

Shrimp Love It!!!

I can say without a doubt that this shrimp is the best of the best. I bought different brands of shrimp food and only Pure Nordic gets the shrimps going wild and trying to finish everything. This will be my number one go to shrimp food once I deplete the second rate ones. This brand did something right.

Excellent Addition to Any Shrimp Tank

I was looking for a grazing source for my 10 gallon Caridina shrimp tank and stumbled across the Kallax ball. It was exactly what I was looking for and my shrimp have been all over it since I dropped it in!

Boa Shrimp
10 pack

Shrimp look great and arrived alive and as described.

My order arrived a day earlier than expected! Hope my shrimp like these!

Boa Shrimp
Patrick Fulton

Shrimp allowed well and healthy. The look just as I hoped and am very satisfied

Boa Shrimp

Very pleased. All arrived alive and healthy. Quality seems good. Will buy from lucky again.

Pure Nordic

My shrimp love any of the Pure Nordic foods that I've purchased from Lucky Aquatics, plus quick shipping too!

Pure Nordic

My shrimp love any of the Pure Nordic foods that I've purchased from Lucky Aquatics, plus quick shipping too!

Great products!

My shrimp love any of the Pure Nordic foods that I've purchased from Lucky Aquatics, plus quick shipping too!