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Orange Eye Black Devil Shrimp

2024 American Shrimp Contest 1st place winners!

These caridina shrimp are a blue based shrimp, but high grades are mostly solid black with orange eyes. Their black shell will reflect the light, making it look like a colorful oil slick over top of the black shell, and when they get to full mature adult, can produce nice flecks of metallic, mostly on the head.

When purchasing the med grade, you will receive a mix of grades (from full black SS+ to lapis patterns, as seen in photos).

SS+ shrimp will be all black, no lapis. They will be from my high grade tank and will not produce many lapis offspring.

We suggest using Ada Amazonia or another high-quality shrimp soil for these shrimp. They can be a little more sensitive than basic caridina shrimp, but given the right parameters, they will create a happy and healthy colony. Your parameters should fall in the following range:

pH: 5.6-6.4
gH: 4-6 
kH: 0
Temperature (optimal): 68-74°F

Quantity: Med grade (5)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alisha Cherry
Awesome quality

Both the shrimp and the packaging they were shipped in were great quality. All the shrimp arrived alive and exactly as described. Will definitely order other shrimp in the future!

Beautiful right out of the bag!

I was nervous getting my tank ready as I've had bad luck with more tricky Caridina. These guys are doing great in my well seasoned, parameter tuned water and looked great right after drip acclimating them. Once they've settled, going on a week now, they look even better but they were deep purple and vibrant just getting into the tank!

I will probably get a second group!! My pics don't do it justice, which is frustrating when I wanna show them off!

Robert Tennyson
Beautiful Shrimp

Received 12 OEBD, all alive and in great condition. Packaging was superb. As the description says, some are true black while others have a bluish tone. A couple had the oil slick iridescent color. Absolutely beautiful shrimp. Thank you, Lucky Aquatics!