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1.25" Nano Round Ledge

Moss ledges are a great way to propagate your aquarium moss, while adding surface area to your tank. Just trim up your moss, and tie it to the ledge...it's that easy!! The quality of these ledges are 2nd to none, and are strong and clean looking. We even tested suction cups, so that we could provide the best suction for the ledges as possible (I hated having crappy suction cups that would let go and let my moss drop down to the substrate). These ledges will not turn, fall, droop, or break while tying (something I was having issues with buying from other vendors).

Plant ledges with moss growing are also a great way to feed your shrimp, if your snails like to take over when you feed on the ground. I noticed with my snails, they don't climb the walls to get to the food if you feed on a moss ledge, so the shrimp have full reign of the food.

These nano moss or plant ledges are printed with PLA filament and are super strong, clean printed, and not stringy! 1.25" diameter for nano tanks and propagating more rare and slow growing mosses. Includes suction cup!
Qty: 5 Pack

Customer Reviews

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Hector Lopez
These small ledges are the absolute best

If you plan on getting many types of moss these are the absolute best the ledge has many ridges so it’s easier to tie thinner moss and keep it in place. very easy to tie I use fishing line and after I’m done going around the entire ledge I do a few circles around the base where the suction cup meets the ledge itself and it stays in place for me so it isn’t pesky having to make knots to keep it from unraveling 10/10 anytime I get new species of moss I will be ordering more. right now I’ve ordered nearly 20 of these that’s how amazing they are


These are nice, well made moss ledges, and the perfect size for my nano tank, thanks!


Works great!