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Blue Bolt Shrimp

Species: Caridina

These are very nice blue bolts from my Extreme Blue Bolt colony. Parents will have been of high grade. They are a beautiful blue color, with very nice coverage. Be aware: these may not come in with the intense blue, but once they get settled into your tank and get closer to maturity, the blues will really start coming out. 

Blue Bolts are a great shrimp to enter into the caridina shrimp world. They're quite easy to keep and get breeding quickly. 

Our HOMEBREDBlue Bolt Shrimp are kept in the following parameters:

GH: 5-6
KH: 0
PH: 5.5-6.5

Temp: 68-74°

These require higher quality aqua soil (We use ADA Amazonia) with RO and GH+ minerals. They will not be happy in regular tap water, and do not like tanks above 80°.

Qty: 5 Medium Grade

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Fast shipping, all arrived well and healthy. Like their colors.

Excellent blue bolts

This is my second order and they are perfect. The seller is quick, responsive and you can tell she cares about the shrimp. I will be ordering again soon for my second shrimp tank.

Caroline Kanuck
Excellent new family members

I ordered ten and I think I counted a dozen! All alive and well and enjoying their new place. Can’t wait for babies and a gorgeous colony.

Dillon Koenker

Left my review but here's some photos. Awesome shrimp!

Kyle Usiak (Poseidon’s Pets)
They look great!

These shrimp came in looking great! No deaths and even a couple extra :)

Shrimp looked to be pure blue bolt with no yellow or black spots on the carapace that would indicate they had been crossbred with anything else.

Really nice blue shrimp

These are a really beautiful blue. They were cheaper and better quality than the other blue bolts I've purchased from a bigger online supplier that ships and quarantines the shrimp instead of raising them. They are bright blue over most of their body. Really good deal for the quality!

Absolutely stunning!!!

These came in packaged very well (as usual) in great condition. The coloring on them is spectacular and they are very healthy. I have seen lesser quality Blue Bolts go for higher prices so the value is great. I cannot recommend these enough, they look great on black substrate!!