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Distichophyllum "Maibarae" Moss

Distichophyllum "Maibarae" Moss is a upward growing moss that looks similar to Hookeriaceae moss. It is a fairly easy moss to grow, yet still fairly rare in the hobby. It is a moderately slow growing moss. This does great tied to moss ledges, driftwood, cholla wood, and coconut shells.

I find upward growing mosses like Maibarae, Hookeriaceae, and Flame moss are great for shrimp and fish fry, as it is easy to hide in, but still gets enough flow through it to attract some passing food particles. 

The Maibarae Moss will be sent to you, sealed in a bag fully in-tact. You will also receive a 1x2" Plant Flat to attach your moss to. In our experience, this method has the highest success rates when shipping pickier mosses. We suggest chopping the moss up before tying to the flat, as this will promote a lush growth. May take a couple weeks to fully acclimate to your aquarium and begin growth. Moss enjoys lower pH, clean and cool water (<74°F), and a good mature tank. Moss does not do great in an uncycled tank.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Robinson Ko
Nice and Healthy

One of the more interesting mosses I’ve bought aside from your typical Java moss. The delivery arrived well packed and comes with a plastic mesh plate so you can secure the maibarae moss.

Great moss!!

Looks exactly as described! All pieces are healthy and green. Quick delivery, great customer service! Highly recommend!!

fanta ratdavong
Beautiful mosses!

My 2nd purchase, and more purchases in the future! I was never disappointed with any purchases.

Great moss!

Moss looks great and doing well in my tank from day one

Beautiful moss

Really bright and cool looking moss! Arrived in excellent condition and was pleased with how much I got. Definitely recommend getting Distichophyllum moss from Lucky Aquatics if your LFS doesn't have it.

J. M. W.
Another Marvelous Moss

As the picture at the top of the page shows, this is a very beautiful moss.

The new -- new to me, at least -- method of delivery, by which moss and flat are sent separately with "some assembly required", is quite novel and greatly appreciated. I don't know if it was intentional, but my moss portion more than covered the 1x2" plant flat and spilled over to occupy two of the 2x2" ledges I had ordered. Now, instead of one centerpiece, I have three! Can't complain about that. Keep up the good work, LA.

Great moss!

This moss is a lot more crisp and firm than most I have gotten from Lucky Aquatics in the past. It came in with amazing packaging and my own ledges to tie down how I see fit which is an amazing bonus!!

robert wolfe

Great I would buy again looks great

Liam Walsh
Distichophyllum "Maibarae" Moss

There is a good amount tied down and it is very healthy. Nice looking moss!