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Dragonblood Shrimp

Dragonblood shrimp are a beautiful blue striped caridina shrimp, created by German breeder Uwe Zeitler. My homebred group has nice blue coverage, with the blue extending to their legs. They do throw an odd white spot on the tail from time to time. As always, we ship our shrimp younger (roughly 0.5 inch) for a few reasons. Shipping young shrimp is easier on them, as they produce much less waste in transit, and they also just take the stress better at a younger age. We also like to make sure you get as much time with these shrimp as possible. These shrimp live up to 2 years, so getting them to you younger, gives you more time to enjoy (and breed them out). 

Other common names are: 
Blue Calceo 

We keep ours in the following parameters:
TDS: 100-130
GH: 4-5
KH: 0
pH: 5.5-6.5
Temp: 68-74°

DOA Policy:
We do our best to ensure your new friends make it to you safe and sound. In the unlikely event that you receive a dead animal on arrival, you must email 2 clear images of the pet in the unopened bag and 1 outside of the bag within 2 hours of the first delivery attempt. A refund or store credit will be issued minus the cost of shipping.
**Live Arrival Guarantee does not apply to complimentary pets, plants, or products included with your order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Steven L

Excellent communication and fantastic shrimp. Speedy delivery, packed very well and all showed up healthy. Already have a berried shrimp! Highly recommend!

Michelle B

Love these shrimp, I had been waiting to get them because I know they are more of a rare type and I am so glad I finally have some. Hoping they will give me some babies so I can keep them going. I absolutely love looking at them. Great shipping and quick too.

Jordan S.
Dragon Blood Shrimp

In the process of moving I lost the majority of my dragon blood colony and was left with only 3. Managed to get 20 with a berried female from Shelly and Lucky Aquatics. Shelly was very nice, professional and helpful throughout the entire process. When the shrimp came in I counted 22 total shrimp, all alive and active, and the berried female was still carrying her eggs. They adapted quickly to the tank. Very happy with the transaction and it was a relief seeing my dragon blood tank full of shrimp again. This was my first order with Lucky Aquatics and I was very impressed. Highly recommended! Thank you Shelly!

Thank You!!

Florante S
Dragon Blood

These shrimp are beautiful and are of high quality. I will definitely purchase more of these when they become available. Excellent communication with seller and very quick delivery. All shrimp arrived alive and well. I highly recommend Lucky Aquatics. Thank you.

Kyle Usiak (Poseidon’s Pets)
Great looking shrimp!

These are some amazing looking shrimp! Absolutely in love with them! YouTube video placeholder

Shrimps are very nice and good size. Thank for you business!!! I will order more.

Cute little striped guy

Shrimp arrived in great shape. Was packaged really well in a breather bag. It seems just as hardy as my other caridinas. I only got one, because they're expensive, but it's a great addition to my caridina rainbow tank.