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Green Jade Shrimp

These are HOMEBRED Green Jade Neocaridina Shrimp. This colony in particular can throw a variety of shades from dark emerald green to a lighter green with a golden back stripe. These color up a lot closer to adulthood, so some babies will be lacking in color (or may look blue).

The shrimp you will receive were born out of our colony originally purchased from a very reputable, USA based home breeder. Disease and Pest free. We send them out at unsexed juvenile age, so they're not full grown, and not completely colored up. These will be small, so in the wrong community tank, may be picked on by larger fish.

Benefits of purchasing home bred neocaridina shrimp over purchasing imported neocaridina shrimp found in most online retailers, is the fact that they were born in our water conditions, and in a very clean and controlled environment (preferable over the ponds you find with their wholesalers). Many conditions arise also, with the international shipping of these adult shrimp in large quantities. This is very stressful on the shrimp, and can cause them to prematurely molt, raising issues with their next molt. 

The most stress our shrimp are going to go through is a 1-3 day box ride in a breather bag to your home. After a proper acclimation to your tank within our suggested parameters, you should be able to enjoy your shrimp colony for years.

These will do best on an inert substrate, which is cool because its cheap $$!! I recommend using Black Diamond from Tractor Supply for a black substrate, or pool filter sand if you are looking for a lighter/white substrate. 

We keep our Neocaridina in the following parameters:

  • gH: 8 dgh
  • kH: 4 dkh
  • Temp: 70-74
Size: 5 Shrimp

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nichelle N
Jade Shrimp

I ordered the Jade shrimp and received them all alive and healthy. The packaging was perfect. I also asked for some food samples and how to properly acclimate my new shrimp and Shelly was amazingly helpful. She also helped me with a plethora of other questions to make sure my tank was in top condition. Will be ordering from here again. Thank you! :)

Brian Cummings
Vibrant, Active, and Healthy

I couldn’t ask for better shrimp, or better people to do business with. The owners are very responsive, informative, and kind. You can tell they care a lot about their shrimp and business. I highly recommend purchasing from them, I know I will again! They also have very unique moss and shrimp food! :)

Gary Rethmeier
Green jade shrimp

Super happy with the high quality of these shrimp! Just remember, the young greens look blue untill they mature a little. I waited to do the review, to be sure of that, and it's true! They are doing really well, and I spotted my first shrimp lets! So glad I ordered from lucky aquatics!

Alana Meaux
Beautiful and active

My Jade green shrimp came in beautifully and very active, I ordered a pack of 10 and got extras. Very good coloring! Very healthy shrimp thank you ❤️

Tyler Webb
Amazing Shrimp! Great Customer Service!

Lucky Aquatics is an amazing company with great customer service! My package got stuck at my local postal distribution center, and I was worried my shrimp wouldn’t be ok. Shelly quickly reassured me that even with the delay that the shrimp should be safe in their breather bag! My order was delayed by 4 days, but my shrimp arrived happy, healthy and active! Thank you so much Lucky Aquatics! Will definitely be ordering more shrimp soon!

Brandon Peterson
Beautiful green shrimp

Healthy dark green shrimp, lucky aquatics has been such a great experience to buy from

Healthy shrimp

The green Jade neocardina shrimp are a really nice deep green color and arrived healthy. They are doing very well after one week in my 7 gallon cube.

Love my babies!!!

You know what I think, but will tell you anyways..🙂 They are awesome and doing good.. I can’t thank you enough Shelly for all your help.. You guys are awesome!!!