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Hookeriaceae Moss

Fairily rare, unique and beautiful aquarium moss which grows upward like a stem plant. Also known as "Hooker Moss". This is a slower growing moss, so less trimming involved. The fronds do branch out, creating a nice, lush carpet as it grows in. Upward growing moss such as Hookeriaceae is great for raising shrimp and fry, as it provides cover and surface area.

Hookeriaceae is a very sensitive moss. Keep your temperature below 74°F and pH should be 7.4 or lower for best results. Mature, stable tanks are required for hookeriaceae and other sensitive mosses. 

The Hookeriaceae Moss will be sent to you, sealed in a bag fully in-tact. We suggest chopping the moss up before tying down, as this will promote a lush growth. May take a couple weeks to fully acclimate to your aquarium and begin growth. 

Size: 1x2 loose portion

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

They were healthy 😁




A bit expensive I figured it would’ve been like the picture it’s little cuttings of it not connected with the platform separate but it still gets the job done

Unfortunately the moss does not retain that shape in shipping no matter what I do. It always breaks, but will grow into that shape as it grows in your aquarium.


Fast delivery. Superb quality and excellent customer service. Each strand arrived alive, with vibrant colors, and healthy. Highly recommend!!

Absolutely love this moss!

Great packaging! Fat shipping and superb customer service!!

All stems arrived healthy and in perfect condition. I've always wanted to try this moss. Glad I went with Lucky Aquatics.

Armando Neves
Beautiful moss!

Beautiful moss, carefully and meticulously packaged. I am so glad that you guys are selling it, it's a rare moss very difficult to find. Super happy with my purchase!

fanta ratdavong
first time order

I got my first order and I am very happy with the product. The packaging was awesome! will definitely buy again soon.

Andy Tran

Moss came in clearly packaged and healthy. I will recommend this to anyone.

Sadly all melted in 4 days

It looks ok at the first day but turned to yellow in 12 hours. Turned all white with brown stem in 48 hours. Contacted seller for help and was told they would adapt the water parameter soon. Sadly, moss broken down when I touch it today. Ordered another one will try again.

Hi Dathan, I am sorry you had that experience with the Hookeriaceae moss! As stated in our email communication, I think the problem you are experiencing is with your high water temps, as you said you can't keep your water below 76°. In the product listing, it's mentioned that keeping your water temps low is important for this very sensitive moss. I hope the new one is able to adapt to the warmer water in your tank, but it gets harder to keep moss as the temperature increases!

Travis Lund

Waited a couple weeks to see how it acclimated to my Crystal Red tank. Everything is exactly as described, Arrived perfect. Growth can already be seen starting to shoot up from the plant flat. Will look forward to future orders!