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Jungermannia Truncata "Jade Lotus" Moss

Very rare and sought after aquarium moss and is currently my favorite. More formally known as Jungermannia Truncata, this rare moss is often mistaken for others. It grows upward like Hookeriaceae Moss does, does not have the same dark stem, and the delicate pattern of the fronds resembles a small Cameroon Moss.

Jade Lotus is a very sensitive moss. Keep your temperature below 74°F and pH should be 7.4 or lower for best results. Mature, stable tanks are required for Jade Lotus and other sensitive mosses. I find I have the best luck in my tanks supplemented with co2.

The Jungermannia Truncata Moss will be sent to you, sealed in a bag fully in-tact. You will also receive a 1x2" Plant Flat to attach your moss to. In our experience, this method has the highest success rates when shipping pickier mosses. We suggest chopping the moss up before tying to the flat, as this will promote a lush growth. May take a couple weeks to fully acclimate to your aquarium and begin growth. Has a small chance of snails/limpets. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
robert wolfe

Moss arrived and was great quality would buy again

Perfect Moss for a Moss Farmer :)

Took me a while to pull the trigger on purchasing this. I wish I bought it sooner!! Super nice and beautiful rare moss!

Jade Lotus

Very beautiful moss! Nice amount! Clean and healthy! Def recommend!