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Pure Nordic RAW Aminostix

Pure Nordic RAW Aminostix should be in your weekly rotation at least once, better if its fed twice a week. It is a great protein food for your growing shrimp, crayfish, snails; and assists in egg development in females. If you're looking for a baby boom in your shrimp tank, this is one of the foods for you! AMINO POWER!!

Ingredients: Gammbarus, Krill, Spinach, Hermetia, Amaranth, Spirulina, Pollen, Walnut, Daphnia, Betaglucan, Black Cumin, Minerals.

The Raw Process: In addition to the quality you’ve come to expect from the Pure Nordic Range, the new Raw Products are completely organic and made using a purely cold press without the addition of heat, resulting is a softer more textured pellet. This process retains more of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will contribute to shrimp health, promote breeding and result in a flourishing colony.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

My shrimps go crazy for these pellets. I added one in and instantly they started swarming it. A bunch of babies swam over and just engulfed it, was gone in like 2 hours completely clean plate. Will definitely get more when I run out!

Geoff B
Go Raw

PRL's jumped into a Raw Diet and they are Happy and Chasing each other
A crowd gathers in no time to enjoy this food leaving nothing left on the plate

Tasty (to shrimp :D)

My shrimp can be picky but I ordered the sample (which is amazing to have access to) and they really like this product. I will purchase the larger bottle once my sample is gone as all Pure Nordic products are made with high ingredients and my shrimp love this one

Great Protein!

Like I have said before, must have for shrimp breeding. Great source of Protein for our Shrimps!!