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Pure Nordic RAW Daybyday

Pure Nordic RAW Daybyday is an all organic plant-based complete food, containing important essential vitamins and trace elements. Daybyday is a healthy and nutritious everyday food that gives your shrimp and other invertebrates energy and aids in digestion. Thanks to the Raw process this everyday food now provides improved performance for the well being of your shrimp.

Contains: Amaranth, Stinging Nettle, Nannochloropsis, Krill, Artichoke, Betaglucans, Artemia, Moringa, and Zeolite.

The Raw Process: In addition to the quality you’ve come to expect from the Pure Nordic Range, the new Raw Products are completely organic and made using a purely cold press without the addition of heat, resulting is a softer more textured pellet. This process retains more of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will contribute to shrimp health, promote breeding and result in a flourishing colony.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great products!

My shrimp love any of the Pure Nordic foods that I've purchased from Lucky Aquatics, plus quick shipping too!

Pure nordic is amazing

This whole line is great. shrimp swarm it as soon as it's put in their bowls. Great ingredients, fast shipping!

Natalia Podunavac
Shrimp love it!

Got 12+ tiger shrimp and some trial size samples of the Nordic food including this one. Was afraid the whole population of shrimp died a couple days after I added them, but a couple survived and due to this food they have thrived and I now have a nice population of shrimp. Food doesn't foul the water and shrimp (unfortunately snails too) love the food and surround (sticks)or seek out (powder) the food when it gets into the tank. Lots of food for the $ too so it's a great deal. Will definitely buy again.

Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown

Awesome products will continue to buy!

Great Food

I love the whole Pure Nordic line and Lucky is a great place to get it. Shipping comes fast and in great shape!!

Solid everyday food

The shrimp always come running for this food. It's been a great inclusion into the rotating menu for all my tanks. Some shrimp seem to like it more than others, but it's always eaten post haste and everyone looks fantastic and is pumping out eggs like no tomorrow. Pure Nordic makes great foods across the board.

Paul Gave
Great food

My shrimp immediatly went to it and started grazing they love the entire Nordic line I have bought from this site!