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Pure Nordic RAW Mineral

New Look, Same High Quality

We ordered the Pure Nordic in bulk so we could package it ourselves and offer it at a great price! It now comes in 20g resealable bags.

Pure Nordic RAW Mineral Sticks give your shrimp and crayfish the important minerals for their exoskeleton, and aids in the molting process, without damage. These are also GREAT for your snails. If you're wondering what minerals your shrimp need for healthy shell development, look no further than Pure Nordic RAW Mineral. Mineral supplementation is very important to aquarium raised shrimp, and Pure Nordic uses 100% natural and organic minerals.

Contains: Montmorillonite, Zeolite, Barley Grass, Nannochloropsis, Betaglucan, and Healing Eart.

The Raw Process: In addition to the quality you’ve come to expect from the Pure Nordic Range, the new Raw Products are completely organic and made using a purely cold press without the addition of heat, resulting is a softer more textured pellet. This process retains more of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will contribute to shrimp health, promote breeding and result in a flourishing colony.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great line

By far my shrimps favorite food. I have every type of food from this brand and my shrimp never have anything left over the next morning. Definitely recommend

Don C
Great Service as always!

Shrimp love the food, what else is there to say !!! Will certainly get some of the other Pure Nordic products.

Great Food

I love the whole Pure Nordic line and Lucky is a great place to get it. Shipping comes fast and in great shape!!

Paul Narciso
Shrimp love it

Great product as a substitue source of minerals and the shrimp just destroy it.

Awesome Food!

They love it! Feed them last night. All gone real quick. Plan on adding it to my homemade food!

Neocaridina davidi
Pure Nordic Raw Minerals

Another in a long series of great products from Pure Nordic. While I recognize that Pure Nordic food may cost more than some other shrimp food, believe me when I tell you it is worth it. Once I began to see the difference in my shrimp I got rid of about 90% of different shrimp food I had on hand. There was no way I could continue to feed my shrimp that. I do not sell shrimp but if I did the increase in birth rate would quickly pay for food. In addition my shrimp have both better color and size than I've ever had.