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Subwassertang Moss

A starter sized portion of Susswassertang. This is a great moss for shrimp and fish fry. Also known as Subwassertang, Loma Fern or Round Pellia. This may contain snails/limpets. 

You will receive a 2x2" portion freshly tied to stainless steel mesh or a moss ledge.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kevin S.
Very happy with the plants and the whole transaction.

"I'm a longtime hobbyist and have bought a lot of plants and shrimp off the internet in the past few years, mostly good but many with mixed results. All that being said I could not be happier with the Subwassertang I just got from LUCKY AQUATICS. It was shipped very quickly, packaged securely, arrived healthy and bright green. They have the right combination of quality, quantity and good value. Top that all off with reasonable shipping charges and it makes for a winning combination. The 2x2 inch ridged mesh brackets with suction cups work perfectly for keeping it right where I want it as they grow out... Highly recommend Lucky Aquatics.

Charles Dupre mms
Too Soon to Tell

I received an email requesting a review. Sometimes these invitations expire leaving no opportunity for a proper review after settling in. So I am posting this place holder for now, to be updated later if possible. It is only just starting to perk up from its flattened shipping shape. At this time all I can say is I expected a bit larger mat, but if it grows as expected, that’s okay.

I am sorry you weren't satisfied with the 2x2 starter portion we offer. These do take a little time to grow in, but I am sure that once it does start growing in, you will be happy with the size of it =)

Melted in 72 hours

I thought these moss were easy to grow. I have 20 different plants in my tank never see one melt. Ordered 3 types of moss two metled with CO2 injection. The Distichophyllum moss was the only moss survives. Want to reorder but out of stock.

Hi Dathan, Im sorry to hear the subwassertang moss melted on you. Mosses are hard to keep in warmer waters, such as the temperature you stated your tank stays (no cooler than 76) I also keep my subwassertang (and all moss I sell) in low tech tanks that are not supplemented with co2 injection. This could have an affect on how you moss adapts to your tank.

Mark B.
Best Subwassertang

Great service, packaging, great price. The way they package the subwassertang in water in a small bag works. The Subwassertang was healthy.

Perfect for my shrimp!

Excellent condition on arrival and the price is unbeatable for what you get! Only place I'd buy Subwassertang from if your LFS doesn't have it.


Looks great I would recommend if you want some subwassertang buy it from here but the mat doesn't sink it seems like but the plant is heathy so thats all that matters!

Healthy, nice portion

Great little ledge for my betta to rest on! Put together very well. Shipping was top notch!

Very Healthy

Received in great packaging and it is in fabulous condition. Tied very well to the mesh. I would order again and can't wait to see it grow


Love this! It is sold over everywhere. They had it in stock and Great Quality! Order on mess SS screen and on the Moss Ledge. Both look Great!

Jennifer Fuller
Moss starter

The moss starter came attached to rocks. So green and pretty!! I’m so excited to see it grow!

Susswassertang is basically my favorite moss, I am glad you like it too!!