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Pure Nordic RAW Pro Probiotic

Pure Nordic RAW Pro Probiotic is exactly what it sounds like. Foods containing probiotics are great for shrimp, as it aids in their digestions, and allows them to be able to absorb and utilize the essential vitamins and minerals in the water and food. Keeping a healthy digestive system keeps your shrimp healthy and strong. Feed this when your shrimp seem like they need a little pick me up, and when they're a little slow and lethargic, this could be exactly what they need.

Pure Nordic RAW Pro Probiotic contains: Amaranth, Krill, Walnut Powder, Mulberry, Probiotics, Daphnia, Artemia, Thyme, Acerola, & Calcium.

The Raw Process: In addition to the quality you’ve come to expect from the Pure Nordic Range, the new Raw Products are completely organic and made using a purely cold press without the addition of heat, resulting is a softer more textured pellet. This process retains more of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will contribute to shrimp health, promote breeding and result in a flourishing colony.

Size: 20g Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Top Shrimp Food

This brand is top of the line. They did everything right and it shows through my shrimps. The shrimp all want to devour as much of this brand food and not share. Going to buy more when needed.


My Neo population started to grow after using the Pure Nordic line of foods, I am glad I came across them.

Great product

My shrimp go crazy for Pure Nordic food, and the snails like it too if there’s any leftovers!

Great Product Line

I tried a sample and now have ordered the entire bottle - this is one of the pellets my shrimp in all my tanks love the most

Must have for Shrimp Breeding!

My shrimp and I love Pure Nordic food. Everything good for them and no additives. If you are breeding shrimp or want to give them the best food available.. get you some!

Shrimp love this!

All of our shrimp really enjoy this food they swarm it quickly. Def recommend!

Pure Nordic RAW Pro Probiotic

Shrimp and snails love this! Great price! Def recommend!

Shrimp love it

All my shrimp go crazy for these pellets. Both the Caridina and Neos are looking better and carrying more eggs than ever. I feed a rotation of foods mostly featuring Pure Nordic and have seen a real improvement in shrimp color, baby survival, and general shrimp happiness. All of the Pure Nordic line is top quality but the shrimp prefer some of them over others, which depends on the tank, but Raw Pro Probiotic is a consistent crowd-pleaser any day.

Neocaridina davidi
Pure Nordic Probiotic

I have used Pure Nordic products ever since I first heard about them. Until very recently I've had to order them from Europe but thanks to Lucky Aquatics I can now get them from the US. This gives me the opportunity to try some Pure Nordic products that I had probably overlooked before. Probiotic is one of these products. Ideally I would like to have 7 different Pure Nordic products so I could alter my colony's menu everyday. I let my shrimp decide and they recently picked Probiotic as number 6. Unless you have tried Pure Nordic you will not believe the difference it makes in the health, color , and reproduction of your shrimp. There have been one or two products that my shrimp were not thrilled about but that's just my shrimp. I have a heavy planted tank, shrimp only, and I usually can use my feeding time of Pure Nordic to count my shrimp.